21 June 2019
Talk @ A Mode - EUmade4ll
Talk on Language Learning in 360/VR Media 
' at the „5th International AR & VR Conference“
, see conference website

13 June 2019
Talk @ AR & VR Conference
Talk on 'Empowering digital literacies in VR learning contexts 
' at the „5th International AR & VR Conference“
, see conference website

20 Mai 2019
Applied Media Literacy - VR Language Learning
As part of a collaboration btw the media education lab (UniBw M) and the AAU Klagenfurt teacher trainingship students learned how to implement VR technologies into the classroom.

Check out the website:

19 Sep. 2018
New affiliation: Bundeswehr University Munich

I took up a new position as an educational media lab officer at the Faculty of Human Sciences, University der Bundeswehr, Munich

For more info, please visit my UniBw M profile and the media lab

7 Jan. 2018
CALL: Multimodal literacies – media affordances, semiotic resources and discourse communities


I am organizing the '1st Colloquium on Multimodal literacies' as part of the 28th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference 2018  in Pavia, Italy and invite researchers that share an interest in exploring multimodal literacy practices by looking at the interplay of media affordances, semiotic resources and discourse communities. I would welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions that explore a vast range of topics, including but not limited to the sub-themes indicated below.

  • How can we define and measure multimodal literacy?
  • How can SFL and social semiotics help to uncover the concept of multimodal literacy?
  • What is a mode and how can we examine its stratified systems of meaning?
  • What is the meaning making potential of sound/music, image, text and other semiotic resources?
  • How can different modes/semiotic resources be integrated into a cohesive and coherent whole, i.e. a song, text, film, blog/vlog, meme, text message, etc.?
  • How does a given medial environment enable and constrict multimodal meaning making? In what ways do individual users and discourse communities adapt to the semiotic affordances of different media environments?
  • What skills and competencies are required for a critical and fruitful engagement with multimodal texts and their underlying media technologies, cf. television, movies, music, surfing the Internet, social networking, talking on a cell phone, texting, magazines, newspapers, fiction and video games?

For further info and submission guidlines, please check my call on the LINGUIST List and the ESFLC conference website.


7 July 2017
Applied Media Linguistics - self-coded Apps

As part of my Applied Media Linguistics class at AAU Klagenfurt students learned how to create mobile applications with help of the software development kit ionic. Check out the Website and use the barcodes below to install the mobile APPs that were created by the course participants.

5 March 2017
Pragmatics of Social Media

has a chapter by me on the pragmatics of Social Network Sites, will be released in Sept. 2017,

27 Jan. 2017
Talk @ Bett 2017

Talk on 'empowering digital literacies in study programme orientation' at the British Educational Training and Technology Show,

presentation slides (PDF)

1 Dec. 2016
App Launch


The App is based on my research on mobile learning and digital literacies and was developed in collaboration with the higher education technology company xStudy SE. enables innovative peer-advising practices in academic decision-making  and course planning.

7 Nov. 2016
Seminari di Linguistica tenuti dal Dr. Volker Eisenlauer

Talk on Multimodality in Mobile Assisted Language Learning, at Università degli studi di Pavia Seminari di Linguistica

5 Oct. 2016
Handbuch Sprache im multimodalen Kontext

was just realeased, has an article by me on Facebook as a multimodal text, here's the ToC: …

1 June 2016
26th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Functional Linguistic and Social Semiotic Approaches to the Media, Salzburg, Austria


Check out our conference website for more details


12 March 2016
Project application grant approved

‘Habilitationsforums Unterrichtsforschung’, University of Graz

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (IF) here I come !


26 – 31 July 2015
International Pragmatics Conference, Antwerp

invited panel contribution: Social Media and Social Action – on the Social
and Technological Bias of New Online Genres
Panel: Pragmatic factors of genre formation (organized by Helmut Gruber)


26 Feb. 2015
A Critical Hypertext Analysis of Social Media

My book is now available as paperback,

12 Dec. 2014
Mobile as a Mainstream – Towards Future Challenges in Mobile Learning
entails my chapter on Multimodality in Mobile-Assisted Language Learning, full text can be sent uopn request, see

15 Oct. 2014
Journal of Pragmatics, Special Issue Vol. 72.
Participation framework revisited: (new) media and their audiences/users edited by in M. Frobenius,  C. Gerhardt and myself.

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