IPrA 2015

International Pragmatics Conference, Antwerp, 26. – 31. July 2015, invited panel contribution: Social Media and Social Action – on the Social and Technological Bias of New Online Genres
Panel: Pragmatic factors of genre formation (organized by Helmut Gruber)


Invited talk, Institute for Culture, Literature and Music, Klagenfurt, 16 Jan. 2015, title: Self and Other Positioning in Social Media


13th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning,    Istanbul, 3. – 5. Nov. 2014, invited panel contribution: Multimodality in Mobile-Assisted Language Learning, Panel: Language Learning (chaired by Agnes Kukulska‐Hulme)

of Verona
Invited talk at Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, Verona, 16./17. Oct. 2014, title: Language and Identity in Social Media

Summer School of the Linguistic Doctoral Programme Finland, Turku, 18. – 22. August 2014, four plenary lectures: Social Media Linguistics





5. Internationale Tagung zur Kontrastiven Medienlinguistik Mannheim, 30. Januar – 1. Februar 2014, talk: Texthandeln oder Text-

automatisierung? Multimodale Kompetenz in Sozialen Netzwerken

AUUTE 2013   21st  Conference of the Austrian Association of University Teachers of English, Salzburg, 26. – 27. April 2013, talk: The Cohesive Swing of Remediated Text Design
ESSE 2013    

11th  Biannual Conference of The European Society for the Study of English, Istanbul, 4. – 8. September 2012, invited panel contribution: A Critical Hypertext Analysis of Social Media, panel: Participation in Public and Social Media Interactions (organized by Marta Dynel and Jan Chovanec)



Invited talk at the Department of Foreign Language Education, Istanbul, 13. October 2011, title: Facebook as a ‘Third Author’ - Automated Text Actions and its implications for language learners

IPrA 2011  

International Pragmatics Conference, Manchester,  3. – 8. July 2011, invited panel contribution: ‘Comment, Like, Share, Poke back’

- A Critical Hypertext Analysis of Facebook’s (Semi-) Automated Participation Frameworks, panel: Participation framework revisited: (new) media and their audiences/users (organized by Maximilaine Frobenius, Cornelia Gerhardt and myself)




Multimodal Research Centre Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, 6. – 8. Dec. 2010, talk: The Concept of Text in the Age of Electronic Reproduction

International Conference on Multimodality Sydney, 1. – 3. Dec. 2010,
talk: Approaching Facebook from a Critical Hypertext Perspective

IPrA 2009     International Pragmatics Conference, Melbourne, 12. – 17. July 2009, panel contribution: Automatized Actions of Self-Presentation and Social Formation in Social Network Sites
Panel: Multimodal discourse analysis (organized by S. Norris)

International Conference on Multimodality, Singapore,

30. July – 1. Aug. 2008,  talk: From ‘Poetry Albums’ to ‘Social Network Sites’ - Multimodality and Social Actions in ‘Personal Publishing’ Texts

IPrA 2007 International Pragmatics Conference, Gothenburg, 08. – 13. July 2007, panel contribution: Lexical and Grammatical Cohesion in Multimodal and Interactive Communication
Panel: E-Cohesion: Multimodality and Interactivity in Computer-Mediated Communication (organized by Wolfram Bublitz, Christian Hoffmann and myself)
MUST -1- Functional Linguistics and Multisemiotic Discourse Analysis, Helsinki, 4. – 6. July 2007, talk: The Metapragmatics of Remediated Text Design (together with Christian Hoffmann)
Narrative 2007     Narrative revisited: Telling a story in the age of new (electronic) media, Augsburg, 26. May – 28. April 2007,
title: Narrative Databases in Computer-mediated
Communication (together with Christian Hoffmann)
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