Since 2016 / AAU Klagenfurt

Visiting lecturer at the Department of English at the University of Klagenfurt

Since 2013 - 2016 / University of Salzburg

Post doc/lecturer in the BA/MA programme English and American Studies / English Studies and the Creative Industries, University of Salzburg, Austria

  • Hypertext Linguistics
  • Social Media Linguistics (see student project website)
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Pragmatics
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Phonetics and Phonlogy

2006 – 2012 / University of Augsburg


Lecturer in the elite graduate programme Ethics of Textual Cultures, University of Augsburg, Germany

  • Language and Identity
  • Narration
  • Language and Power
  • Text Linguistics
  • Introduction into English Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Hypertext Linguistics and Biblical Hermeneutics (see student project website)



Aug. 2014 / University of Turku, Finland


Lecture series on 'Social Media Linguistics' at Langnet doctoral programme, University of Turku, Finland


Feb. 2014, Nov. & Dec. 2013 / Université Omar Bongo, Libreville, Gabon, Africa


Guest lecturing at the German and English Department, Université Omar Bongo, Libreville, Gabon, Africa

  • Introduction into English Linguistics
  • Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

2011 – 2012 / University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg


Teaching assignments for the course ‘Social Semiotics’, Faculty of Design, University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg, Germany


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